Through the serendipity of several random encounters, Sunday has grown up over the years to become a collective of talented people. Filmmakers, climbers, photographers and inquisitive minds who have bumped into each others and recognized in the other ones the same attitude towards life, a way of feeling and looking at the world.

Driven by this common lust for the outdoors and the unknown, we decided to collectively produce, from scratch, visual content that reflects the diversity and poetry of human lives for our partners.

As we believe there is a hidden subject behind every face we cross or every pass we reach, we seek unfiltered and real stories that could and should alter our perception of the world and pursue places and remote corners of the planet that reveal the beauty and harshness of nature.

We are in love, We Are Sunday.

Aleix Vilardebò


Alex Font

Director of Photography

Josep Malo


Marion Remedi